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Value, verify and comply in setting fees for Marketing Services Agreements ("MSAs").
MLinc's independent solution is THE MSA Valuation Model for the residential settlement service industries.  MLinc, in partnership with its team of marketing experts, benchmarks the cost of marketing impressions to help you justify fees paid to business associates.  MLinc's MSA Policies & Procedures Best Practice Tools & Templates can be used to establish a process that makes business sense while mitigating risk.  Importantly, ComplyMSA TM is attentive to the latest RESPA Section 8 regulatory interpretations regarding marketing services. 
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Manage the verification of MSAs with business associates.

The Service Activity Data Repository ("SADR") platform helps clients organize and manage verification of the services performed in an MSA and other contractual arrangements.
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Our MSA Verification Services outsource offering establishes MLinc as an intermediary in collecting data/documentation from business associates and then verifying, valuing and reporting services completed as the basis for marketing fee payment decisions.

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