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  ABA Solution - The Answer

Purchase our turn-key tools, models, agreements and expertise.

MLinc is dedicated to helping our client companies protect their business relationships, build retail loan volume and increase their total profitability through ABAs with home builders, real estate brokers, community banks and other referral sources.

Now, MLinc is pleased to announce a turn-key solution to evaluate, sell and set up ABAs in a fraction of the normal timeframe, through the most attractive offering in the industry.

We provide you tools, models and agreements, along with industry-leading expertise to assess, promote and implement ABAs with desirable partners. 

 List of tools, models and agreement templates.

  • Overview of Processes, Tools, Models and Agreements
  • Information Memorandum with Criteria for Evaluating Use of an ABA.
  • Home Builder Profile Questions
  • Real Estate Broker Profile Questions
  • Other Business Partner Profile Questions
  • Financial Model
  • Start Up Analysis
  • Home Builder Marketing Letters
  • Real Estate Broker Marketing Letters
  • Sales Presentation
  • Structure Chart
  • Response to RESPA / HUD Factors Chart
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Non-Disclosure Letter
  • Letter of Intent
  • Operating Agreement
  • Capital Accounts Analysis
  • Business Partner Disclosure
  • ABA Disclosure
  • Loan Application Processing Services Agreement
  • Administrative Services Agreement
  • Mortgage Company Confidentiality Agreement
  • ABA Confidentiality Agreement
  • Sublease Agreement 
  • Broker Services Agreement
  • Broker Fee Calculation Form
  • Implementation Plan

    ABA Structure

    For our purposes, an MLinc ABA involves the establishment of a new entity capitalized by a business partner and a mortgage company (I.e., mortgage broker or lender). 

    Both the business partner and the mortgage company contribute capital, own an equity interest in the legal entity receiving the referral, and receive profits accordingly. 

    This new ABA entity is responsible for originating, processing, and delivering loans as a mortgage broker.

    The ABA employs a Manager who runs the ABA operation on a day-to-day basis, and origination employees to assure that loans are processed, approved and closed on a timely basis.

    The mortgage company investor and other providers may offer certain consulting, office support, and administrative services to the ABA, on an outsource basis, for a fee.

    Mortgage Brokers

    In the ABA Solution for Mortgage Brokers, loans are funded by and delivered to third party wholesale lenders.

    Mortgage Lenders

    In the ABA Solution for Mortgage Lenders, loans are funded by and delivered to the mortgage lender investor as well as other wholesale lenders. 

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