MLinc is a national provider of expertise, insight and innovative solutions
to the residential settlement service industry.
  ABA Solution - Why MLinc?

MLinc brings you extensive experience and expertise.

MLinc brings you extensive mortgage industry experience and a history of success in building ABA programs and other strategic relationships.

And, our ABA solution is attentive to RESPA requirements and HUD's "Ten Factors", important guidelines for regulatory evaluation of the quality and substance of ABA entities.

Save time and money with MLinc.

MLinc's solution cuts a year off your Company's ABA learning curve, spares management hundreds of hours of planning, development and review time, and saves you thousands of dollars in legal bills.

MLinc can literally have you licensing new ABA entities within 60-90 days.

As compensation, MLinc receives a flat fee at the time the tools, models, agreements and initial services are delivered, plus an hourly fee for expert assistance with customization, training, evaluation of ABA opportunities, sales support, set up of new ABAs, management committee guidance and consultation, and ongoing requirements, as needed.

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