MLinc Solutions

residential settlement services
relationships and arrangements
can be like a symphony,
with all parties performing in concert
to create a beautiful experience for all!


MLinc addresses critical Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”) compliance needs


How do you properly structure Services Agreements and Affiliated Business Arrangements (“ABAs”) to be both compliant and of benefit to all parties?

Services Valuations

What is a reasonable value of marketing activities, web exposure, event sponsorships, office subleases and other services, as the basis for setting fees to be paid in compliance with RESPA?


How do you effectively monitor and verify that services are being completed, as agreed, in support of payment decisions?

“As a long-time customer of MLinc Solutions, our Company has relied on MLinc’s analysis and valuation expertise through a variety of RESPA-related industry changes. The MLinc team is always quick to respond to any question and willing to talk through any topic or opinion. They are widely regarded as the foremost valuation service provider for marketing services and strategic relationships in the nation, and yet they always make you feel like you’re their only client”

MLinc Client
MLinc Solutions is an independent, information consulting leader that helps the residential settlement services industry form strategic relationships that are smart, productive and compliant with RESPA, and other applicable Regulations.