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Frequently Asked Questions

How can MLinc help a client set up a joint venture / ABA?

MLinc works with you to develop an Affiliated Business Arrangement ("ABA") Conceptual Design and Implementation Plan for establishing a business-smart and RESPA-attentive ABA. We also sell associated Tools and Templates for evaluating, selling and setting up ABA entities.

How long does it take for MLinc to deliver a standard ComplyMSA™, ComplyWSA™ and ComplyOffice™ Valuation?

MLinc can typically deliver a standard ComplyMSA™ Valuation in 1 business day, a ComplyWSA™ Valuation in 2 business days, and a ComplyOffice™ Valuation in 3 business days after receiving clean data.

What if the services we need valued are outside the scope of MLinc's standard Valuation Modeling?

MLinc provides Custom Valuation Services covering a broad range of service arrangements, from sponsored events involving potential consumers to administrative services agreements to very large affinity relationships. We are happy to discuss the scope of your Custom Valuation requests as the basis for providing you a Fee and Time Frame Quote for delivery.

How do we verify that marketing services are being performed, as expected, on a monthly basis?

MLinc provides independent Verification Outsource Services ("VOS") and a proprietary Service Activity Data Repository ("SADR") Platform for clients who need help with the ongoing monitoring of marketing activities. We are happy to provide you a 30 minute Webex Overview Presentation of these services at your convenience.

When should we obtain a new Valuation of a Services Agreement relationship?

MLinc updates its standard Valuation Modeling on a quarterly basis, as needed. We suggest to our clients that they obtain a new Valuation if service activity levels have changed dramatically, if an agreement is to be renewed or if a year has passed since the last Valuation, whichever comes first.

Can we combine an MSA and Office Lease Agreement?

MLinc recommends that you discuss this with your attorney, but it is important to note that the basis for valuing marketing versus real estate services is totally differently and a combined payment may be confusing to Regulators.

To which residential settlement services providers do MLinc's offerings apply?

Real estate brokers, builders, mortgage lenders, community banks, credit unions, title companies, homeowners insurance firms, home warranty providers, etc.

How do we learn more about RESPA and how to comply?

Join RESPRO, network with other settlement providers, and obtain regulatory guidance from experts. Go to

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