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MLinc's Services Agreements,
ABA Consulting and Tools & Templates

Pursue services agreements and arrangements with business associates as a catalyst for integrating processes and creating a better home purchase experience for all:
Purchase marketing, office lease and other services from business associates.
Win long-term purchase loan flow from business partners through a compliant Affiliated Business Arrangement structure and operation.

Services Valuations

MLinc’s ComplyMSA™ Valuation Model has become a standard in the industry for providing independent assessment of fees for services to be performed by business associates in a Marketing or Advertising Services Agreement.  In addition, MLinc’s ComplyWSA™, ComplyEvents™/ Custom and Comply Office™ Valuation Modeling help clients value Web Advertising, Sponsored Events, Office Subleases and other Service activity.


Verification Outsource Services &
Service Activity Data Repository

MLinc’s CompyMSA™ Verification Outsource Services offering and Service Activity Data Repository (“SADR”) platform establish MLinc as an intermediary in independently organizing, managing, verifying, valuing, and reporting the execution of related Marketing and Advertising Services Agreements, as the basis for client decisions regarding payment of fees for services.

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